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With the huge growth in usage of smart phones in the last few years, the demand for mobile applications has exploded. With hundreds of new apps being released each day and so many of them to choose from, if consumers are not 100% satisfied with your app they will not give it a second chance. One major reason for the failure of apps is insufficient testing. Any app that has not been tested properly will have bugs that will affect the user experience.


Frustratingly, it is almost impossible to ensure your final product is completely bug-free before it reaches the customers but through successful testing all major kinks can be ironed out before initial release. One method commonly used is trawling through the app and manually testing it. Not only is this incredibly time consuming it is also unreliable due to the huge risk of human error, being a long and monotonous task, mistakes are often made.

Automated testing, writing a computer program to test your software for you, is another possibility. Although this is a great option, and much more reliable than manual testing, for mobile apps there is a huge variety in devices and versions available that all need to be tested and bug-free for release. In order to achieve this companies need on hand every device they plan to test on, which can get costly.

Of course simulations can be used instead of physical phones to test apps but simulations are not the real thing. Although these tests can be effective they are never perfect, simulations look and behave like the phones but are fundamentally different and as a result the app could look different on the physical device.

For these reasons StyleTech have opted to use Xamarin Test Cloud. The Xamarin Test Cloud, a cloud-based solution, allows you to run automated tests on over 2000 physical devices all in one place, with no simulations. This enables anyone to ensure that their application performs correctly and efficiently across a variety of devices with minimal effort, we don’t need to buy numerous devices and don’t have to spend the time individually testing each one. We write tests alongside the bespoke mobile app and when ready send it off to the Xamarin Test Cloud where it is tested for us, allowing our developers more time to focus on developing software.

As the app is tested, the Xamarin Test Cloud makes it clear where any issues arise so we can get to work fixing them before being passed on to the customer. Moreover, once the tests are completed the Xamarin Test Cloud sends back clear reports detailing the results of each, along with videos so you can see exactly where issues occur. Due to the huge amount of devices the Xamarin Test Cloud holds, it is more likely to find device-specific issues. With so many devices in the market it isn’t feasible for a developer to have every one and the Xamarin Test Cloud allows developers to find phone-specific bugs that they couldn’t have otherwise.

These benefits are passed on to the customer as they receive more robust and reliable applications in a timely fashion. Due to the time saved, our bespoke mobile apps can be developed even with a tight deadline as reliable testing is done for us.

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