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Make use of tools that possess the ability to process huge data stores intelligently and securely, continuing to adapt and learn along the way. With huge power and endless possibilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence can change the way businesses relate to their customers, empower their employees, automate processes and tighten data security.

At StyleTech we listen to your business needs and are committed to understanding your strategies and goals. We take the time to find the best machine learning solution for you and develop software to save time, improve processes and let you focus on creating value.


Endless Possibilities

Use machine learning to gain actionable insights quickly from large volumes of data, eliminate manual processes, keep your data secure and centralized, understand images, audio and written information, personalise the customer experience and improve employee motivation.


Strong Security

Recognize potentially risky user activity and stop it, detect fraudulent activity, identify the problem and prevent security breaches. With Machine learning, you can keep all your data in one centralized place, flag and monitor suspicious behaviour, track anomalies and use facial or voice recognition to physically protect your valuable business data.


Process Automation

Anything from supply management to customer service can be successfully and precisely automated with machine learning, speeding up process time and cutting out inefficient manual data entry. Delegate tasks in any department to smart technology and allow employees more time to focus on adding value.


Manage High Volume Data

Process, index and automatically add captions or metadata, allowing users to search through high-levels of data and replace manual processing. Machine learning can give employees the ability to quickly work through a massive data store, saving time and making important information accessible when it is needed most.


Enhanced Customer Service

Automation and voice recognition gets customer issues understood and seen to faster than ever. Paired with a wealth of customer data and personalisation features such as recommended products, customers enjoy an immediate, tailored and consistent journey with your business.


Next Level Training

Machine learning, along with augmented reality, can create interactive and engaging virtual training environments that allow you to train staff using real client scenarios without leaving your office. Look at what makes top performers successful and use insights gathered from them to help improve the whole training process.


Support And Maintenance

We ensure your solution always runs to an excellent standard. We scale the software as your company grows, maintain it, and are on hand to fix any issues that may arise. We can integrate our machine learning solutions with your existing software and are only a phone call away if you have any questions.

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