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Local software development company plans to tackle business legacy systems

StyleTech Solutions are expanding their services by offering legacy system support. Established in 1999, StyleTech have been creating award-winning bespoke software with great success and after a recent investment by local businessman Peter Chapman, StyleTech have the resources to expand their services and provide legacy system management. 

It is estimated that 80% of companies in the UK rely on a legacy or outdated software system with an estimated 70% of IT budgets being spent on keeping these systems running. The software, which is often developed decades ago, can cause serious harm to a business: slowing down processes, costing thousands of pounds in upkeep, and greatly increasing the risk of data breaches. 

StyleTech have set an objective to be a source of support for companies struggling with their unruly software system. “We aim to nurture legacy systems”, says David Scotney, Managing Director. “Instead of replacing them, which can be a costly and disruptive procedure, we manage them. We bring them up-to-date and work closely with the business to ensure their software does exactly what they want it to.

“We ensure everything runs at it’s very best and that all data stored is secure. The added benefit of partnering with StyleTech is the level of support we are able to provide, along with expertise and experience, if anything goes wrong we are always at the end of the phone and able to fix the issue swiftly. We have a skilled team and with nearly 20 years in the industry, we can confidently say we are experts in our field. We are available to guide and give IT advice to our clients, all the while ensuring that their software is safe, secure and running perfectly.”

With such a high level of companies relying on out-dated IT systems, especially as technology advances so quickly, it is now more important than ever to strengthen your computer system to better compete in the technological world.

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