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StyleTech have had a long-term relationship with Gloucester City Council since 2005. Gloucester City Council have several hundred employees who need to access to information at any time from a significant library.


Gloucester City Council (GCC) were using email extensively throughout the council to communicate. They were looking for a reliable system which took the guesswork out of document handling and provided a faster, simpler method of communication.

What We Delivered

The bespoke software that StyleTech delivered addressed the issues GCC were experiencing by directing the internal communication through a suite of specialised business applications. Appropriate members of staff are automatically notified of any changes to documents held in the central document store, ensuring that all employees are referring to the same current document. Users can also search for documents in the same way they search the internet.

The Results

The business applications gave GCC real-time visibility, providing key performance indicator data and the opportunity to manage the business processes in a more timely and effective manner.


"The software helps us achieve one of our key aims to be effective and well run. More than 700 personnel use the system as an integral part of the authority’s day to day operations." - GCC ICT Manager

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