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Bespoke Software Development - Cordova

The StyleTech bespoke software development team have been developing with Cordova (formally called PhoneGap) since 2013.

Apache Cordova is a popular mobile application development open-source framework that allows developers to create mobile applications by writing CSS, HTML and JavaScript instead of platform specific APIs (such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone). Cordova applications are hybrid applications as they are neither native mobile applications or web-based applications.

StyleTech have developed many mobile applications which include:

  • Offline data store
  • Offline data synchronisation
  • Data encryption
  • Map positioning
  • Push notifications
  • Signature capture
  • Geo-coordinate tracking
  • Customer service photograph evidence
  • Catalogue viewer
  • Product listings
  • Search
  • Alarm notifications
  • Badge notifications
  • Order entry
  • Photograph capture
  • Video capture
  • Email notification
  • SMS notification
  • Graph display
  • Best price calculations
  • Vibration notification
  • Printing
  • Twitter, FaceBook and Email Sharing
  • Screen orientation

StyleTech make it a key priority to ensure the bespoke software development team is kept up to date with all Cordova / PhoneGap enhancements.

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