• Bespoke software development
  • Securely connecting your business data
  • Extend your IT team with our expertise
  • Support and enhance your legacy systems
Bespoke software for all platforms

A brief introduction...

StyleTech Solutions is a UK bespoke software development specialist with a track record of providing clients with tailor-made solutions as unique as their business.

With an approachable, friendly culture and by delivering a jargon-free approach to the design and development of bespoke software. We focus on ensuring our clients achieve maximum potential from their software.

Award Winning Developments

What We Do

StyleTech help public and private sector organisations to store, manage and report their data securely, efficiently and accurately. Our vast range of bespoke development expertise is one of the widest in the UK…
It’s what sets us apart.


Analyse, design and develop bespoke software as unique as your business

Cloud Apps

Develop applications that scale to meet your needs through software in the cloud

Mobile Apps

Bring mobility and flexibility to business with applications to run on mobiles and tablets

Web Apps

Develop applications that you and your customers can access anywhere anytime

Desktop Apps

Develop desktop based software that utilises the full potential of the PC or Mac

Sharepoint Apps

Extend the power of SharePoint by developing SharePoint applications

Office Apps

Adapt Microsoft Office to do exactly what your business needs it to do

Legacy Systems

Support and continue to develop your legacy systems


Convert your large and complex Excel workbooks to a robust database solution

Who we work with...

Our News & Blog Posts

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  • Thank you Neo4J, StyleTech are honoured to be invited to this prestigious event with organisations looking to embrace graph databases