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Our Client is a multi-national conglomerate in the Far East, with a turnover exceeding $1 billion. They are involved in manufacturing, retail, distribution, packaging, property and investment services.


Our client was looking for a solution which provided easier access and tighter control over its marketing activities across many sites in the Far East, including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

What We Delivered

The web-based tool provided a central repository for data increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the clients’ promotional campaigns.

The Results

The bespoke software solution, fondly known to its users as PALS, added speed, structure and traceability to the marketing planning process and controlled the client brand image to result in major operational efficiencies.


“The PALS application was vital, not only as a solution to our biggest issue, that of product development, but also to allow us to really explore the benefits a web-based application can bring to the company. The first phase of this project was introduced to users with the need for little business process re-engineering, yet we are already experiencing a much quicker approval process and less duplication of effort across our geographies.”


"StyleTech Solutions have been a joy to work with on the design and development of our solution. They have been involved not only in delivering a technical solution but in every aspect of the solution, from helping us with the initial project specification to graphic and technical design. StyleTech's refreshing approach to design has meant we have achieved significantly more in the project than I would have thought possible in the tight delivery timescale. We have developed a close working relationship with StyleTech, through the high level of support they have provided and there is now great trust between our two companies. We look forward to working with StyleTech on future phases of this and other projects as we know we can rely on their wide range of skills to help us solve business issues." - Chief Information Officer

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