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As the largest independent producer of pre-stressed bridge beams in Britain, ABM Precast Solutions offer a comprehensive range of beam profiles as well as bespoke reinforced and post-tensioned products. Having been a part of many of the country’s major civil engineering projects, ABM have the capability to design and manufacture a vast range of precast concrete products from small coping units to massive structural components weighing over 120 tonnes.


Before StyleTech developed the app, our client’s customers got the information they required of beams from an extensive Data Book containing over 250 different types of beams using manual calculations.

Many calculations were necessary to work out which beam was suitable and each beam had to be worked through until the appropriate one could be found. Although the Data Book provided diagrams, ABM wanted to provide their customers with a faster and easier method for choosing the most appropriate beams.

What We Delivered

Using only six simple questions, the app StyleTech developed accurately narrows down all the beams in the Data Book and will generate a list of all the beams that would be suitable and match the requirements.

The app provides in-depth and precise data on all the key engineering properties of each beam and all information is the same as that of the Data Book so nothing is lost. Additionally, the Data Book can be accessed from the app for ease of use and the app can be used without an internet connection anywhere.

Specific diagrams are also generated for each beam with highlighted information to make them as clear as possible.

The Results

The app, which is the first in its field, saves a considerable amount of time when initially selecting beams for a project. There is no need for manual calculations as all the information is at the engineer’s fingertips.

With no loading times, results can be calculated instantly and allowing our client’s customers time to focus on other areas. The interface is smooth and easy to use while still providing clear and concise data.

ABM recently rebranded and the app was developed to match their new website design, it fits in seamlessly with their brand while still holding a native design for each operating system it is used on.

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