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A creative communications company operating in London, Talker Tailor Trouble Maker work with brands looking to upstage the status quo and make an impact. Offering a suite of services reflecting today’s modern marketing needs, Talker Tailor always hold a strong focus on their values of smart-thinking, risk-taking, straight-talking and fun-loving marketing.


As a celebration of music, Talker Tailor’s client, Mastercard, required software that would turn a twitter feed into a song. The song produced needed to give people the opportunity to musically look back over their year and relive all the highs, lows and memorable moments along the way.

Talker Tailor required software that could be accessed from any device, withstand a high level of usage and create a song in seconds with options to share on social media or download, they came to StyleTech for a solution.

What We Delivered

StyleTech developed Soundtrack of Your Life, a webpage that can turn any public twitter account into a song. The innovative software scans any twitter feed for a huge range of emotion including laughter, sadness, happiness, shock and anger and assigns each tweet an emotional value.

Using artificial intelligence, Soundtrack of Your Life can detect key words, emotive language, emojis and facial emotion from photos posted. This information goes into determining a note for each emotional value and these notes are stringed together to form a song. As each twitter feed is completely unique, so too is every song, additionally, the soundtracks develop over time as more tweets are added.

The website can be accessed smoothly from any device and each song takes no longer than 10 seconds to generate. Once a song is created, options appear to share it on Twitter or Facebook and the song can be downloaded straight onto the device used.

The Results

In the first few days after the launch, over 10,000 songs were created, and Soundtrack of Your Life was shared on twitter hundreds of times. The webpage scaled to meet demand, generating songs in a matter of seconds despite heavy usage. Soundtrack of Your Life was written about by multiple news sources and Talker Tailor‘s client, Mastercard, saw a notable rise in engagement.


"We are delighted with StyleTech’s approach on this project, they adapted seamlessly to our needs as the project progressed, providing clear communication throughout. They took to the time to understand exactly what we needed and were always available during the development process to answer questions. The Soundtrack of Your Life software performed perfectly despite a tight deadline and heavy usage, making the Soundtrack of Your Life a great success."

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