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StyleTech develop rich client side bespoke software systems using Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP). UWP was first introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 and is a software platform that allows one version of a “Metro” styled application to run on Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile and Xbox (or higher).

UWP applications can be developed using C#, VB.Net or XAML. The UWP applications target a device family, rather than an operating system (e.g. PC, phone, tablet or Xbox). UWP is an extension of the Windows Runtime platform that was first introduced in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

As UWP provides a single API core layer across all supported devices, a single UWP app can be easily installed onto this wide range of devices via the Windows Store (a unified distribution channel).

Because UWP supports a wide range of devices with different capabilities, screens sizes and input methods a UWP app can be enhanced for each of the supported device types. This allows the UWP app to unlock the unique capabilities of each device. Along with the API core, each device family has an additional API which allows the features of that device family to be embraced by StyleTech. When StyleTech develop UWP apps, the features of a device family are included via conditional code, so the UWP app morphs into a first class app for each device type. StyleTech also implement adaptive UI controls and layout panels which allow the app’s user interface to match the capabilities of the target device.

Xamarin also has the capability to create UWP applications utilizing the code re-use advantages of portable class libraries.

StyleTech support the full lifecycle of a UWP app across the widest range of devices and browsers. A UWP app has a reach of over 400 million devices and growing, all with a diverse set of capabilities, form factors and input methods.

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