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StyleTech have been developing bespoke Windows Services since 1999, using a variety of software languages.

A bespoke Windows Service allows batch processing or long running tasks to be processed by a background service which then allows the front-end screens to remain responsive and quick. A Windows service can be configured to start when the operating system starts, or they can be started manually or by an event.

A bespoke Windows Service also provides better resilience for failed tasks (such as sending email or text messages). A Windows Service can retry a failed task before prompting an administrator of the problem, whilst ensuring no data is lost. Bespoke Windows Services also provide a great way to automate many housekeeping tasks such as truncating the amount of audit data held over a period of time.

A Windows service must conform to the interface rules and protocols of the Service Control Manager (the component responsible for managing Windows services).

Windows Services are similar in concept to a Unix daemon.

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