StyleTech Secures Partnership To Supply World-Leading Neo4j Software

StyleTech Secures Partnership To Supply World-Leading Neo4j Software

StyleTech Secures Partnership To Supply World-Leading Neo4j Software

StyleTech Solutions are delighted to have secured a new partnership with Neo Technology as the only regional software company to offer its world-leading Neo4j graph database technology to clients. The software has been successfully used by worldwide giants including the likes of Walmart, eBay, Cisco, TomTom and The National Geographic Society to reach new, relevant audiences with their products and services.

“We’re thrilled to have secured this partnership, not only for our business, but for the many others that will benefit in the region from having access to this world-leading technology we can now offer. It is hugely exciting and we are very proud of this achievement. As a bespoke software developer our aim is always to stay a step ahead of the game and the ever-changing world of technology to give our clients access to the very best software, giving them a competitive edge in business” said StyleTech.

“The Neo4j graph database model has been successfully used by some of the world’s biggest businesses. It is extremely refined, using data to identify business relationships that may not be obvious to the people running a company, thereby unlocking potentially huge opportunities to improve performance and innovate.”

Most people will have unknowingly used online platforms which use some form of graph database technology in day to day life. The software is used to identify and highlight relevant relationships between parties through the automated analysis of data. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn use the technology to identify common relationships between people both you and your friends or connections know, suggesting further people to possibly add to your network. Similarly, leading major retailers use data gathered from online shoppers to ensure customers are offered deals such as ‘others who bought this product also bought’, or to suggest other items they may be interested in.

The director of Alliance and Channel at Neo Technology said StyleTech had been chosen because of its track record and expertise in developing sophisticated and successful software for both public and private organisations. Through this partnership with StyleTech, we will be able to provide a platform for them to build intelligent applications which will help their clients meet today’s forever evolving technology and data challenges. This partnership will enable StyleTech to leverage the true power of business data for its clients, providing visibility of data in an easy to interpret, interactive and engaging way. We selected StyleTech to partner with us because they are a customer-focused company with industry-leading expertise within data management, and we feel they’ll be able to make maximum benefit of our support and bring real benefits to the businesses they work with.

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